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Chapter 1: HEAD
(by Rubén Fuentes Fuertes)
for a sculptor the material is anything that can be used to generate an object. It may be light, vacuum…
every idea needs a material and each material is a path with different landscapes
I start working at 7… until I drop
working alone is hard, if you don’t enjoy what you do, you may look for another job
the experience is circular, what you learn at first always comes back, and once you complete the circle, you fill the bag of new techniques
when an idea is born inside my head, it is in darkness, nobody can see it. Then I transfer it to a paper, I bring it to light, what lets me show it and see other’s reactions
the materials are the thread where ideas are created
all the materials are noble but there are materials that give different sensations
what I have used is a compact quartz, which is technically quite complex to work with
I’ve had to adapt my technique to this substance
It is essential to choose a proper material to tell a good idea
Some colors are chosen for an emotional affinity
They’re like night and day, white means light, and black, shadow
Working with the right material is a gift for any artist’s creativity
This piece has been designed to be touched
for me, sculpture today can be a way of communicating, a passion, and my way of life
to create is to live, in an intense way. Maybe we’re all creators… Even unconsciously
Concept & Direction by Marc Guardiola and Pepe Ábalos
Cinematography by Marc Guardiola
Production Design by Nadia Montero
Music by Papu Sebastián
Sound Design by Pepe Ábalos
Visual Effects by Marc Guardiola
Shot on Sony FS700 + Odyssey 7Q Plus + Zeiss Lenses


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